Kragen Sitaker (kragen) wrote,
Kragen Sitaker

more quotes

Laugh it up, you little shit-monkeys.
-- Darrell

Kragen: Sorry we're taking so long, Dan.
Darrell: You should be sorry. It's like an eon over here. Only shorter.

If you're gonna do the refactoring anyway, I want my shit to work right.
-- Jason
Hell, we're almost done, and we haven't even started.
-- Darrell
Knowing is half the battle. Not fucking up is the other half.
-- Darrell
Hey, Adam. Regular coffee doesn't have sugar in it, right?
-- Darrell
If we were coding in COBOL, we'd be done by now.
-- Joe

Darrell: Jason, you put the "re" in "retarded".
Jason: I'm gonna put the "foot" in "your ass".
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