Kragen Sitaker (kragen) wrote,
Kragen Sitaker

Extreme Programming job in 802.11 network management

AirWave is hiring --- we're trying to expand our development team. Our product is a network management system for wireless networks; it does configuration and firmware management and auditing, performance monitoring, reporting, alerting, and integration with back-end network management systems. We use Extreme Programming and Perl; XP or other rigorous XP-like techniques are probably the only way to keep a 200K-line Perl program maintainable.

It's a startup, but it's not as precarious as many startups; our expenses are low, our customers are lucrative and delighted, and it's pretty stable. Four of the seven dev team members have been working there for more than two years.

We're growing and need to recruit people yesterday. We all have more than five years of experience professionally developing software, and most of us have been doing startups for much of our careers, so they've been very dense years. So it's hard to find people who are up to our standards, and many of the people who are up to our standards are turned off by Perl. Perl expertise a plus; being a competent programmer is a must.

Does that interest you? Anybody you know? Email me at

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